Success Stories

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patient : Swarna Aged : 38 Years

PATIENT Came with general weakness was getting tired easily with little physical and mental strain and was having difficulty in swallowing with poor digestion… She was diagnosed to have chronic fatigue syndrome and was given acupuncture 20 sittings. She could do her household work without getting tired easily and also her appetite improved she was advised to continue acupuncture weekly 2 times for 6 weeks….

She consulted us with above problems and was under tremendous stress and depression…

She used many medicines like NSAID’s , anti depressents and more….

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

: We advised acupuncture 12 sessions, After 10 sittings, She could do her household work without getting tired easily and also her appetite improved

Follow up:

With every sitting patient was improving… advised to come weekly twice for 6 weeks

Acute Nephritis

Patient : Shiva Aged : 27 Years

PATIENT came with severe pain lower abdomen on the left side radiating from lower back. After investigations we came to know it was an acute renal failure, his renal parameters are raised… After thorough investigations we gave homoeopathic constitutional remedy for 3 days… after 3days he came with absolute no symptoms. We repeated the same investigation, which were to normal… We advised to repeat investigations after 1 month….

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

: We gave homoeopathic constitutional remedy for 3 days

Follow up: After 3 days he came and was absolutely normal


Patient : Sailesh Aged : 42 Years

PATIENT CAME WITH SEVERE Noise in right ear… which was increasing on lying down… he consulted ENT specialist and did many investigations ,detected bone over growth and surgery was done …. Patient was better for few months but again started to have same noise and also radiating pain from right ear to right arm and right leg….

He consulted us with above problems and was under tremendous stress and depression…

He used many medicines like NSAID’s , anti depressents and more….

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

: We advised acupuncture 20 sessions, chelation 6 sessions and ear ozone After 20 sittings of acupuncture tinnitus was completely gone and pain reduced to 50%.... Chelation was given weekly once to remove medical toxins…

Follow up:

With every sitting patient was improving… advised to come weekly twice for 6 more weeks

Dysmenorrhea and Irregular Menses

Patient : Radha Aged : 33 Years

Patient came with severe pain abdomen… starting 10 days before menses and continuing during menses….. she is suffering with dysmenorrhea for the last 2 years . and also suffering with irregular periods. She consulted a gynaecologist for the same and was given hormonal medication and anti spasmodic … but she developed gastric disturbance after using medicines.

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

We advised acupuncture 3 cycles (10 sittings each cycle) starting from 5th day of period for 10 days each cycle for homone balance and to relax uterine muscles. After 1st cycle period became regular and pain reduced.. …

Follow up:

She was given homoeopathic constitutional medicine for 3 months to improve fertility chances….

Ligament Tear of Right Knee Joint

Patient : Jagdish Aged : 32 Years

Patient came with pain in right knee and instability in the joint while walking with a history of RTA injury…. He consulted orthopedic surgeon and was advised to go for surgery to correct ligament tear… but patient wanted to try alternative medicine… he visited our centre for the same

Investigations: MRI shows complete tear of medial cruciate ligament right knee

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

Acupuncture 20 sessions and ozone intraarticular injections 6

After every sitting muscle strength was improving and also stability… patient was very much satisfied with the result

Follow up:

Advised to go for repeat MRI after 2 months

A Case of Globus Hystericus

Patient : Rajitha Aged : 28 Years

Patient came with symptoms of difficulty in swallowing food/ sensation of obstruction at middle of the chest and sometimes sensation of ball raising from abdomen to chest…. Burning pain in the chest and many vouge symptoms…

She visited many gastroenterologists but with no result.. patient is very anxious, timid and introvert…

In the past history she recently lost her mother with whom she was very close, since that time she started to have all above symptoms..

Treatments given at Detoxification centre

Since the problems started after emotional turmoil.., treatment started with constitutional homoeo medicine and acupuncture , which causes emotional calmness and also disappearance of all physical symptoms

Chronic migraine

Patient :

Mrs K. Vani bai, age 59yrs ,female , came with severe rt. Sided headache more since 5yrs. No vomitings, no vision impairment.

H/O/C-=h/o migraine since childhood(age 7 year old

h/oRheumatoid arthritis 1994-took ayurvedic treatment ,got relief h/ of surgeries-hysterectomy (fibroid uterus)-1992



h/o head injury and collar bone fracture in nov.2006 had temporary memory loss NO H/O HTN/DM/TB etc.

She tried many treatments for present complaint (homeopathy, ayurvedic,allopathy) but with no relief.

Treatments advised :- Ozone therapy, Chelation therapy, acupuncture. started on 25-4-2011
After treatment (1 month)- patient got 50% relief from pain. Before treatment she used to take daily 2-3 tabs. For pain. After treatment her medication is reduced to single tablet once in 3-4 days.

Future plan: Advised to take 2nd course of acupuncture after 20 days


Patient :

Mr. K. Ravi sunder, Age 44 yrs, male came with severe body pains , numbness here and there all over body, unable to perform simple and routine activities.

O/E—patient is weak, petechial spots in lower limbs.

H/O/C—patient had bleeding gums and weakness, for which he went to local hospital , and all routine blood investigations, bone marrow test done. He was diagnosed to have Myelofibrosis and advised to take treatment at CMC. He took treatment for 1 year and got good result ,but suffered severe side effects of medicines. He stoped all medicines since 6 months and came to us for further treatment.

He became diabetic after taking treatment at CMC.

Treatments advised at detoxification centre:

1 .Ozone therapy- 20 sittings( ozone ear and rectal 10 sittings, ozone steam 10 sittings)

2. Acupuncture- 20 sittings

3. Oral chelation

4. Advised to take plenty of fluids, fresh vegetables and fruits

After completion of treatment, 70% of his pains disappeared, activeness improved, platelet count improved( from 85000 to 1, 35000) petechial spots disappeard.

Future plan: advised to ozone therapy every 3 months as maintaining dose.

Autoimmune Arthritis

Patient Name:
A.Fathima Age: 36years.

Treatment Dates:
23rd june to 7th august 2012.

Presenting complaints:
Patient came with severe pain and stiffness in interphalangeal joints, shoulder & knee joints. Oedema of interphalangeal joints present. C/O burning epigastrium & constipation present. Pain and stiffness whole vertebral column present.

H/O present complaints:

Present complaints starte d in Dec.2011 after an episode of viral fever. Had severe pains in all the joints and also had throat pain,she consulted Rheumatologist at Saudi, done all investigations which shows RA factor Negative, and was diagnosed as Idiopathic polyarthritis. She was given steroids which she used for 3 months.

She is a known case of hypothyroid, on regular Rx Thyronorm 100mg/day.

Investigations done :

 Before After

Anti TPO—120 Anti TPO— 50
Anti TGA—90 Anti TGA—30

Treatments given at Detoxification centre:

Acupuncture treatment : 20 sittings
Ozone – minor auto injections 8 sittings(weekly tw ice) and ozone saline 5 sittings --ozone steam 5 sittings Chelation ther apy—6 sittings.
After Treatment: pains and stiffness in all joints reduced upto 80%. Oedema reduced in interphalangeal joints . Overall energy levels of patient improved.

Follow up:

Advised physiotherapy to improve the flexibility at all joints To take calcium supplements and anti oxidants for 6 weeks.


Patient Name:
k. latha Age: 63yrs

Treatment Date:
30-5-11 to 23-7-11

Medical History: She is a known case of cancer ovary , detected and operated in 2006. After 1yr again her ca-125 counts raised to >600. She underwent second look laparotomy+ cytoreduction. Biopsy revealed multiple nodes in omentum, metastatic deposites in porta hepatis and liver segment.. took chemotherapy 3x6 cycles…. Response was good but her appetite was reduced, having severe body pains, pedal oedema and low vitality(easily tired)

Investigations done:
Ca-125—210 , Hb%--11.7 , TLC—9,900
CT Abdomen—post hysterectomy, oopherectomy, cholecystectomy status biliary dilatation

Treatments given:
Ozone therapy – ozone rectal daily for 2 weeks(conc. Started at 20 and increased to 40mcg/ml) then started ozone saline at conc.10mcg/ml weekly 2times and rectal weekly 5 times for 5 weeks...

Treatment result:
After completion of 1st course ozone , her body pains reduced , appetite improved and fatigue decreased her ca-125 is 160 now. Patient was advised to start 2nd course of ozone to avoid chemotherapy as much as possible and to improve immunity.
She was given a maintaining dose of ozone rectal weekly 5 sittings for 3months.
Other supplements given are multivitamins and antioxidants(ellagic acid)……

Purpose of treatment: To reduce the need of chemotherapy as much as possible and to boost immunity.

Case of Disc bulge at L4-L5 with bilateral neural compromise

Patient name:
Mrs. Chaitanya nandi: 50yrs

Treatment Dates:
8-1-2013 to 2-3-2013

Medical history: She is a known case of hypothyroidwith regular Rx with history of hysterectomy at the age of 18 years for multiple fibroids

No H/O HTN, DM, Allergies
Now came with severe pain both lower limbs, more pain on right leg radiating from thigh upto heel she has hyperacidity with pain and tightness in the chest . she went to many specialist doctors(neurologists, orthopedics) and used steroids, NSAID’s, sedatives but with no relief .

O/E patient could not able to walk without support, bilateral pedal oedema present, more on right side, petechial spot on inner side of right leg.

Pretreatment investigations
Sr. creatinine- 1.1, SGOT, SGPT—38,23u/l respectively , ESR—40(high) vit.D—5.82(low)
Blood for c-reactive protein, ANA, RA-factor – all negative
MRI of lumbar spine—mild decrease in the heights of L3 &L4 vert. bodies with fairly large schmorl’s nodes in L3 superior. Disc bulge atL4-L5 causing indentation over thecal sac with mild bilateral neural compromise
She was diagnosed to have osteoporosis

Treatments advised:
1. Acupuncture 30 sittings
2. ozone rectal insufflations and ozone saline-10 sittings each
Initially patient started with acupuncture, within 8-10 sitting pedal oedema completely disappeared, pains redused . but still having hyperacidity. She was added ozone rectal at conc.30mcg/ml
As a process of healing she had many temporary symptoms(old) appear and disappear..(burning throat, conjunctivitis).

Now patient is very happy about her marvelous improvement. She can walk without any support and resumed her job..

A Case of secondary infertility

Patient Name:
Arvinda : 34yrs

Case History:h/o consanguinous marriage, 1st pregnancy was IUI 2nd cycle conception , LSCS -8yrs ago
Now came for IUI-D.

O/E her investigation reports shows …,Endometrial score-13(less)
TSH - 5.92
FSH 3rd day - 11.24
AMH - 1.10(low fertility)

Because of poor quality of endometrium and egg quality, following ozone therapies were advised..
1.ozone hydrotubation – 6 sessions( thrice weekly)
2. ozone vaginal and rectal insufflations 10 sessions before IUI

After ozone , investigations shows her endometrial score is 15 and FSH on 3rd day is 6.37 Her IUI cycle came out to be a successful conception…

A case of frozen shoulder with diabetis

Patient name:
Parvathamma : 58yrs

Treatment Dates: 22-4-2013 to 22-5-2013

Presenting complaints : Patient came with pain and stiffness right shoulder joint , suffering since last 2years. Used many painkillers with no relief. Now she is doing physiotherapy and yoga. Got 20% relief but still having pain right shoulder radiating to neck and arm and chest with restricted movements. She is known case of diabetis, using oral hypoglycemics.

Investigations done:
FBS- 170mcg/ml ,PLBS- 230mcg/ml,Sr. creatinine- 0.9

Treatments advised-
1)Acupuncture 20 sittings
2)Ozone intra articular shoulder injections-6 sittings(weekly 2)

• After 10 sittings of Acupuncture and 4ozone injections, her pain reduced to 50% and her sugar levels were FBS- 120mcg/ml PLBS- 170mcg/ml
• After the remaining 2 ozone injections, patient condition is marvelously improved, first time after 2 years ,she could had painless night. Movement at shoulder joint is improved to 70%
• After completion of the treatment , her shoulder joint movement is improved , 80% pains reduced, and her blood sugar levels are under control. She was advised to take cacium suppliments and to continue physiotherapy.